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Jeremy Clarkson column in PERFORMANCE CAR

"... it looks absolutely bloody marvellous... This little lot (the Hyper transformation package) turns the rather svelte, gentlemanly standard item into a car that looks as aggressive as a gorilla forced to wear evening dress for the first time... Nice... a truly splendid car to drive. Yes, it handles and yes, the steering is quite superb. The interiors not bad and the gearbox is probably clever. The looks are what you'd call horny and what I'd call angry... But the best bit is when you put your foot down on the accelerator it goes whooooooooooooarrrrrrgh. A lot."

"... Where the car (Hyper Mk3) starts to shine is on fast, bendy, open roads where the box can be left in second and the speed punched up and down between corners with a determined right boot... The steering response is fast and accurate... progress was fast and fun... For those with Lister aspirations but lesser budgets a visit to Mr. Hands could prove fruitful."

"...HyperDrive sounds like something out of Star Wars, but is an expression of Paul Hands' philosophy of improving performance without incurring monumental costs... on the move you can roam freely between all three gears. Their engagement being pretty well instantaneous.. this enables much better use to made of the V12 engine's flexibility and power... The Hyper sports gearbox (is) good value against a 'proper' manual conversion - especially if your existing GM400 is in need of a rebuild anyway... (Hyper Engineering) are small... but their strengths are a variety of ideas and the objective of providing affordable individuality for the man in the street. After all, not everyone can afford JaguarSport or Lister prices."


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